In my last blog I discussed the issue of what the system accepts as true – axioms. This blog started as a consequence of Bruce Lipton’s “Biology of Perception” in which he questioned the fundamental axiom of biology – that we are a consequence of our genes. Much that is based on the axioms of science can be questioned, and in the last blog the main theme to be questioned was that of unity and separation. I have then watched a movie about 20/12/2012. I don’t subscribe to a great deal that is in this clip. I haven’t followed much of the 2012 discussion but started to watch this clip as a summative view.

I took from it some info that I believe can be vaguely classified as a form of truth. I think this movie presented a Hindu position and is based around astrology. I understand that great faith is based in astrology by the Hindus, and what has been called esoteric astrology I tend to believe in. There is an Hermetic aphorism “as above so below”, I am comfortable with that. I see what happens in the heavens as an indicator, a mirror of what happens “below” on Earth. This does not say that because the “moon aligns with Mars” ABC will happen, but it does say that some things happening on Earth will be mirrored as the “moon aligning with Mars”. What does that actually mean? Very little simply because it is all about interpretation, and if it is about interpretation then we are looking at the integrity of the interpreters. I apologise for this but when I watched the movie I felt no empathy with the interpreters.

What was however interesting was some of the basic astrology that undelies this 2012 hype. I have edited the clip, and here just present the discussion of the yugas; note Buddhists tend to believe in the yugas. According ot the clip there are 4 yugas, Hindu – Satya,Treta, Dwarapa and Kali I will call them gold, silver, bronze and iron. This 20/12/2012 is an astrological date for the upward change of yuga from dark to bronze. According to my ill-informed interpretation this change means little in terms of the actual day – other than the hype. Yugas, or cycles, are part of continued existence. Over the last 1000 years we have supposedly been moving up through kali yuga, and this ought to mean that life is improving. If I look at the wars in the Middle East or the drone attacks in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen I see very little increased enlightenment.

One more day on this upward path is going to make no discernible difference. So why am I bothering with this blog and 20/12/2012? Because the stages that the yugas travel through are increasing unity or increasing separation; the golden age is that of unity, the dark age that of separation. For me the axiom always has and always will be unity, whatever the age, but it gives some understanding as to why in this dark age we accept separation as an axiom and how separation produces the darkness.

Taking this unity axiom a step further it gives a very clear understanding of chi. Let us consider the axiom of separation. If we are separate then our energy is also going to be separate. Such separate energy, what we might also consider our personal vitality, is going to be based on our personal sources of energy, food, mental states etc. Totally personal. However if we consider Unity, One Planet, then there is no separate energy as there are no separate beings. There is one energy, the energy of the planet of which our life is a part. That means that when we do exercises that take advantage of that one energy, Qi Gong, Tai Chi etc., we are not doing anything special. We are just doing exercises to get our energy. It is well recognised that our bodies need physical exercise, an exercise that accepts the separation model. But energy exercise is not generally accepted. Even those who do exercises involving chi don’t always recognise that their exercise is based on the fundamental axiom of Unity.

Here is a Chi Master playing around with the chi. My first Chinese Tai Chi Master-teacher did a similar trick, and I too went flying round the room:-


It looks crazy, doesn’t it? Scientifically how can one possibly accept this clip as some form of proof? Don’t. You have to do it.

I then watched this guy, a 90s Doctor from Texas, who was open-minded enough to see that healing can come through the mind. He teamed up with a Boston lecturer who had studied in China, and the clip examines different aspects of healing that involve the chi. Between two people interested in the chi this seems to be a good unbiassed look at chi in China. What I don’t understand is why the doctor didn’t find a western chi practitioner to take him on the tour of China. There are many westerners who are trained and use acupuncture, a number who use acupressure, there are many western chi-healing centres, why did the Texas doctor choose a guy who didn’t experience the chi?

I have no answer, I only ask the question. Here is another question, does acupuncture work? Yes. Proof, empirical evidence from Mandtao – it has healed me. When it has healed you, you don’t need any other proof. Of course science needs proof, but my proof is enough for me. Does Qi Gong work? Yes. Why? Because I have done it. I do Chilel Qi Gong, and feel better for it. Personally I like Tai Chi better, but that is not a proof that Tai Chi is better, it is for me. All I am doing is tapping into the energy that is there for One planet to use, no more no less. Nothing freaky, just an axiom. When the axiom is Unity then we have shared energy that is available. When we have separation, then energy is also individual so why will “swatting flies” work?

The axiom matters, Unity.