In silence there is truth. This has come to mean a lot more to me recently. I moved house and am living in the countryside; I cannot see my neighbours. For me this is wonderful, and in doing this it has been coming to me in meditation more and more the importance of silence. This is not external silence nor internal silence – just silence. This realisation arose because I was not surrounded by noise. Where I lived before was a suburb but mostly it was not noisy. There were people around, sometimes there was dog noise, but it was not the quiet of Nature. I have this now, it is such a relief. It is quiet, and it makes me want a quiet mind. This I do not have, and more and more it has become my meditation purpose.

With the quiet comes insight that sees the truth, and one brief snippet came this morning. I was thinking of a friend who had let me down with a recommendation. For me if I recommend then my integrity says that the recommendation means this is someone I would use – I could rely on them. That didn’t happen. This man is dedicated to his family, and this is where my mind went. He is compassionate for his family as are many poeople but their compassion does not go beyond their family. Why not? Because if they extend their compassion to all people then there will be conflict with their need to make profit in business. By seeing themselves in terms of their family only they can work at whatever job comes their way, and come home feeling compassionate and loving.

This is separation, and therefore brings me to unity. ONE planet and Unity are issues I have discussed before, they are fundamental themes for change that I have raised both in Zandtao and Mandtao, but I had not seen so clearly the complete interconnectedness of the two paradigms. Separation produces focus on family producing focus on family values increasing the focus on the need for earning leading to the acceptance of compromise in capitalism. Unity brings with it caring for all as we are all one. This means that we care for our families but not at the expense of others. Mandtao is geared more towards the mind and as such ONE planet needs greater emphasis because it is mind that is causing separation.

Knowing we are ONE planet means we cannot hurt others, we want to help our own but not at the expense of others – UNITY.