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Entangled for War

Yesterday a friend told me about quantum computers and their instantaneous abilities. He understood little but was intellectually fascinated – as he is a slave to his intellect so my arrogance immediately dismissed him. Shame. I did however have sufficient integrity to investigate and will apologise.

I have a very limited understanding of what happens but here goes. It is an observable phenomenon of photons that they can exhibit the same properties instantaneously in two places. Somehow if these photons have opposite polarity there is a property of instantaneous transfer. Sorry to be so vague, I don’t understand.

However vague my understanding science has been able to turn this property into some practical use. Apparently a scientist, Zeilinger, has demonstrated the use of quantum theory practically. Here is a talk he gave, I don’t understand it. Basically it relies on 3 observations – superposition, randomness and entanglement. Something like 2 photons that had been connected have the same properties even though they have been separated. This does not make sense to me but what I can accept is that it has been observed and these observations can be repeated. This is what I argue about for meditation, it can be observed and repeated and therefore it is science. And then there is gravity. Gravity has been accepted for centuries – Isaac Newton. Its properties have been used by science and there are equations involving gravity that are used practically. Yet how does gravity work? I’m glad it does, walking on earth can be pleasant – certainly useful.

Zeilinger describes here (17.40 to 18.30) a new way of thinking of information. “Information is a fundamental constituent of the universe … Information might be more basic than matter … Information that characterises two systems transcends all limitations of space and time.”

Here is a description of transfer of data using quantum computers. I don’t understand how it has been done but data has been transferred – an observable reality. Serious quantum computers are here, if the FT are discussing it then we know this.

But here is the mandtao rub, and it somewhat ominously comes from the Los Alamos lab (Oppenheimer). Here is a quote from the FT article “John Sarrao, associate director for theory, simulation, and computation at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, is among the scientists looking at how to invest in the technology. The organisation, best known for its work on nuclear weapons, is taking a long-term view of quantum computing from a national security point of view.” That frightens the hell out of me. Note the use of the euphemism “national security” – how the West (primarily) disguises its efforts at global hegemony and profit-making through violent oppression.

Here is what I do understand. Computers we now use are based on the electrical transfer of data using bits (binary digits). Fundamentally “classic” computers transfer data through electricity by the use of on-off switches, and through this transfer of data computers are able to be used to do so many fantastic things – at the same time “classic” computers are able to create the threat of AI and use smart bombs and drones. Developments in computers (new generations of computers) are measured in terms of the speed of processing, the faster the processing of data the more they can do.

Quantum computing freaks me out because it takes this understanding to a new level. The processing is faster because it is instantaneous – superposition. Secondly is the notion of Qubits. Basically quantum computers can store data in these Qubits – whatever they are, and they are transferred instantaneously. Frightening computer power.

Where is the investment in quantum computing coming from? At present most investment appears to be within the computer industry itself, as can be gleaned from the FT article. But defence is moving in – note here defence is a euphemism for western hegemony. This article from Sputnik News describes global focuses on quantum computing investment, and China leads the way. The article suggests that China will have the capability of hacking western military usages. In other words China will soon become an enemy of NATO, and enemies could mean war. Here is a military view of the quantum arms race that is freaky as well. This article has no moral content, he is just playing fear tactics to ramp up the quantum race for greater US government investment. With people like Major Ryan Kenny ramping up a global arms race in the FT, what future does it hold for humanity?

With this new leap in quantum computing – new to me as being realistic, the need for a HFP-protocol is even more urgent.

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Nick Bostrom has written a book called Superintellignce, Paths and Dangers, Strategies. It is fascinating to listen to the efforts that have been made to make AI. To be perfectly honest there is stuff he talks about I don’t understand, and there’s stuff there I could never understand so that is why he is an Oxford prof – Oxford is definitely the place I would go to find a white prof.

He began the book with a parable that talks of sparrows, owls and the sparrows inviting owls into their nests without knowing whether the owls eat sparrows. Except Scronkfinkle warns the sparrows, and he dedicates his book to Scronkfinkle. Whilst the sparrows of Scronkfinkle’s nest might be dinner there would still be other sparrows. With AI the worst case scenario would be that there would be no sparrows left!! Am I being picky?

He begins his preface with “Inside your cranium is the thing that does the reading.” Whilst I don’t know of any humans without a cranium who can read, this statement makes me tirade, but not here … maybe.

What is so fascinating is what they have been able to achieve. Years ago they were thinking that they couldn’t invent a machine to win at chess, now it is done. In some ways this is impressive, I would get very little further than 4 moves against Gary Kasparov. But whilst the AI is beating me at chess, I had eaten a pizza, drank coffee, and watched a swan at the nearby lake. Meanwhile I was very grateful that another AI had cleaned the house … and I am not going to mention Sophiabot who (which?) gave me pleasure in the bedroom this morning.

What I am getting at is that despite the great advances, the level of multi-tasking that women and some men can do, an AI cannot. So the question is whether I should have used “as yet” in that sentence.

Suppose we lived in a society where we are measured by our ability at chess, and only the best chess players survive, then what we have done is to invent a machine which will end our survival. Therefore before we invent the chess-AI we should have invented the HFP so that the chess-AI could not wipe out humanity. An obvious point.

Now there is a freaky but realistic scenario that we have to consider and that is I J Good’s intelligence explosion – “their” terms as I don’t see it as intelligence. We invent AI that can design AI , they design new AI that has more AI etc. There will be an explosion of AI that would make human intelligence appear minimal so why not swat the mosquito that is irritating?

This sounds a suitable doomsday scenario except for questions about intelligence.

Then there is developing intelligence from child’s brains because it is considered easier to invent a child’s brain, apply conditioning and experience, to get adult intelligence.

And there is brain emulation. Get a brain – I can’t remember whether Bostrom said it was dead or alive???, make this brain so that the AI has all the connections the human brain has.

But reading Bostrom is so infuriating. Sometimes I listen (in the car), and I have to turn it off – of the words I describe him the politest is fool. And this is an Oxford prof. There are two areas in which this occurs – spirituality and politics. Bostrom is working for British academia so indirectly he is working for the British government, NATO … Trump. How responsible to the human race to deliver war-capable AI to the leading colonialists, to an alliance run by a country whose government dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. And Trump …

Where is the power? Without Oppenheimer there was no Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Without gunpowder where was British colonialism? Without scientists where would there be drone deaths and smart-bomb deaths. Scientists take this scourge off your shoulders.

Scientists need to stand up and put safety first

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