I have got somewhere, it feels good. This so-called scientific enquiry was just heading down a hole of political rhetoric. But not now because there is a solution or at least a potential solution.

It’s a long time since I have read Asimov’s books but here is what I remember of them. There was this positronic brain whose 3 laws were inviolable. The stories were concerned with how people tried to manipulate the laws for their own ends. Therefore there was an assumption underpinning Asimov’s work that humanity in general had to develop robots in such a way that they could not be manipulated by an individual to cause harm. The positronic brain, although AI – whatever that means, could not be used for harm – first law.

It is this that I am talking about with the Humanity First Protocol (HFP), what we need is a neopositronic brain with HFP. This has to be the platform on which AI is built.

The problem with our computer systems in real life is the platforms – Windows, Apple, Linux – they have no HFP. So there is the solution, legally mandate these platforms to have HFP. Then make it illegal to tamper with the platform, and then we have the end of AI problems. A simple straight forward solution if our governments are in control and want to control AI – mandate the existing computer platforms to have HFP.

Don’t get me wrong. The problem of how to enact a HFP is difficult but governments could insist it happens – if they have control.

I started this investigation by considering AI in robots then weapons and then computers in general. Now all of these have as a basis these platforms so by having a HFP in place we have control of the situation with regards to AI-Robotics, AI-weaponry and the supercomputer controlling our lives. It is so clear – control the platforms so they put humans first – HFP.

Imagine how useful this HFP could be. House security could be designed on platforms with HFP so that guns could be prevented from entering into homes, buildings, cars etc. As soon as guns are in the building alarms go off.

What about manufacture and sales of armaments. Computers could not be used for these because of HFP. These platforms are already global, HFP-enable the platforms, and there would be a vast reduction in armaments and therefore killing. I use the word reduction, it would not be a panacea – there would need to be some sort of global protection and enforcement in place. But it would be a solution.

No I am not being naïve, this of course is not going to happen. The 1% will not allow governments to insist on HFP-enabling, I know this.

But remember this is part of the Path of Scientific Enquiry, and the operative word here is Enquiry. For an Enquiry to be part of the Path, the individual scientist must make the decision. As a scientist you are working on AI. You work with people such as those who wrote the Open Letter with Hawking, and you say we don’t want AI to be used for killing, and you say we want platforms to be HFP-enabled.

Are you compassionate scientists or Oppenheimers?

Answer this question for yourself. Will they enable HFP? Then you will know who you are working for, what science is working for. Asking me you can reject the answer because you can say I am biassed – although I think I am not because I have already enquired and reached an answer. Have you?

Have you enquired?

Are you a scientist? Don’t you think you should enquire?

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