This is an adaptation of chakra meditations that I have picked up – somewhere!

Lower Triangle

Ths connects the root chakra, the tan tien and the kidney – adrenals. You start by breathing in red through the root chakra at the base of the spine and moving the red energy to the front of the tan tien area – the spleen chakra (3 inches below the belly button). Then you breathe in orange through the tantien and move the red-orange energy to the kidney and adrenal region above the small of the back – ming men in Chinese. From ming men you move the energy back to the root chakra where you start the cycle again. You build an energy loop that will stengthen the kidneys and adrenal system.

Upper Triangle

You start by breathing in lavendar through the crown chakra (pineal gland), move the energy a short distance to the pituitary gland where you breathe in light blue. Then you move the energy through to the hypothalamus where you then move the energy back to the crown chakra. You build an energy loop that will build up the connections between the two glands and the hypothalamus, and because of their roles in the endocrine system this upper triangle should improve the hormonal control for the whole body.

See inset of upper triangle here:-

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